Colouring book A5

  • regional and foreign license motives
  • size 14.8 x 21 x 0.1 cm
  • 16 pages including cover
  • colour template for each contour
  • this product is a traditional colouring book
  • produced in vertical and horizontal formats
  • when printed in horizontal format the colour template is located above the contour, this is appreciated by left-handed children, as it prevents them from obscuring the template with their hand
  • some themes additionally include enclosed graphomotoric elements such as snails, dashes, wavy lines, etc. -in addition to colouring in, children also get to practice their writing skills while learning naturally
  • shipping 50 Pcs/pack
  • weight 24 g/pc

The Little Mole and pike

EAN Code: 8595038705253

Strawberry baby

EAN Code: 8595038705062

The Poppy Doll

EAN Code: 8595038701927

The Little Mole and school

EAN Code: 8595038703556

The Little Mole rejoices

EAN Code: 8595038703365

EAN Code: 8595038703181